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My name is Sachin Paul, and I am Blogger and tech geek, currently working in Digital Advertisement Domain (Ad Operations) since last 5 years.

Certified professional in DoubleClick DFP,ADx,Video,Audience,GPT  I worked from Publisher integrations to Whole Network setup for any publisher.

Ad-Tag Macros is the professional association dedicated exclusively to online advertising operations and technology.

We focus primarily on topics such as ad serving and related technologies, yield management, policies, procedures, and standards.

I have worked for Mode Media, Perform Media and now working with Vidmatic SSP on Instream outstream Video Advertising. 

I have worked on many of the programmatic buying selling platform to manage Demand And supply. 
Platforms include LKQD, Optimatic, Verta, Streamrail, Spotx



  • DFP Small Business/Premium
  • Adtech/Brightroll/Tubemogul
  • Google ADx/Appnexus/Freewheel
  • Programmatic Platform:LKQD,Optimatic,AOL,Spotx,StreamRail
  • Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics
  • Native Ads,Mgid,Wordpress,ComScore,Blogspot,AdSense


  • Javascript
  • Yield optimization/Demand Supply
  • Trafficking
  • Mobile web ads
  • Display, video ads
  • Troubleshooting creative issue
  • SEO and Blog revenue Optimization 

For Any Kind of Help Reach out to me on email

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  1. Please post something related to Sales-Planning with respect to Advertisement domain.

  2. Hi Saachin,

    You are doing a great job. You articles have been very helpful. Please continue doing the great work.

  3. Hi Sachin,

    Need information for below,

    Got Query:-
    • VideoClicks element is not present but required for a valid QA. Please check the list of required elements here and implement element VideoClicks.
    • ClickThrough element is not present but required for a valid QA. Please check the list of required elements here and implement element ClickThrough.


    Can you please what exactly needs to be change or implement here..?


    1. Hi Dev,

      Thanks for visiting my blog,

      VAST is basically xml file and structure of the xml is that the tags defined in xml are user generated and not restricted to language.

      What exactly it means, it means that you can specify any tag inside it.


      Now coming to your query

      For Any VAST its compulsory to have the and tag present inside the VAST,

      Missing this parameter will result into No clicks on the ads, However please note that the Videoclick functionality can be handle by tag which should be VPAID JS type.

      I have checked the file and both tags were implemented correctly inside VAST however if its not present then please ask the client to implement it.

      Please let me know if you have any further query and don't forget to visit my new site


      Sachin Paul

  4. Hi Sachin,

    The articles are very useful and satisfy the requirement of the question ares.

    Keep up the great work!


  5. Hi Sachin,

    Thank you for the help. it was very helpful information.

    Now i want to learn programmatic. also, can you please guide me to how do i get the knowledge and best practice about DFP, DSP, SSP & DMP.

    Thank you,



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